Monday, March 27, 2017

Malia Obama caught in 21+ club (busted!)

Former President Barack Obama is going to be giving a lecture today — this time to his 18-year-old daughter Malia.
Conservative reporter and White House correspondent Lucian B. Wintrich claims he got in an argument with the underage Malia at a 21+ nightclub in New York late Saturday night.
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Wintrich claims he was approached by Malia, who asked him to verify his identity before becoming visibly irritated and launching into a tirade — and having him escorted out.

He described the angry encounter in a series of tweets:
Wintrich claimed Malia said to him, “If you wanna have a real convo, let’s sit down and have one, don’t just smile!”

And when he expressed interest in her suggestion, she allegedly got even angrier.
He claimed management at the NYC Club, called Parlor, told him he needed to delete the image or he would be would be banned.
Although his proof only shows the shoulder of the former first daughter, Wintrich defended his story, tweeting:

Performance artist Martina Markota confirmed the encounter, tweeting that she and Wintrich were kicked out of the club:
Scandals of this sort are far from new for Malia.

She was once seen playing beer bong in a photograph while on a college visit to Brown University. She was also previously photographed smoking what appeared to be marijuana at a music festival.
The Obama’s have yet to comment on Wintrich’s alleged encounter with Malia.
-= The Horn News editorial team

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