Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nebraska Dem. Party Including Voter Registration Forms in Refugee Welcome Kits

By:  Andrew West
Few issues in recent months have been so clearly divided between democrats and republicans as the refugee crises that have crippled the globe.
While Europe continues to cope with an influx of violent and often sexual crimes, occurring proportionally higher in locales whose populations have been affected by massive refugee resettlements, former President Barack Obama foolishly encouraged American cities to openly accept these dangerous immigrants during the last few months of his lame duck term.
Now, with Donald Trump and the republicans working to curb the inflow of possibly nefarious characters during these resettlements, democratic operatives in Nebraska are fighting back with a sneaky plan to bolster their voting numbers.

“The Nebraska Democrat Party is providing voter registration cards to non-citizen migrants arriving in the state.
“Even more shocking, state party members even bragged about the scheme despite its clear criminality.
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