Monday, February 13, 2017

Storey County Nevada Recall Pac...Harper Valley PTA?

Yes indeed what we have here is a bunch of Harper Valley Hypocrits

Houston we have a problem...a Pac has been formed and are in the process of Recalling Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. 
Here is where the problem lies...the Pac was formed by the following Harper Valley PTA members: 
(1)Jim Miller former appointed Storey County Sheriff prior to Antinoro...appointed by Pat Whitten who resigned in his 2nd term as Sheriff to accept a position as County Manager!  
(2) Lance Gilman Business Owner (Mustang Ranch and other related businesses) County Commissioner ..he spearheaded the attack on Gerald Antinoro...and financed the campaign of Antinoro's opposition who lost the election...seems to be a continued smear campaign akin to tactics used by the progressives against Donald Trump. 
(3) Christine Miller former Storey County School Board Trustee
(4) Bum Hess former Chairman,Storey County Board of Commissioners
(5) Bill Sjovangen former Chairman,Storey County Board of Commissioners (Known as Don Juan by many old
(6)  Rick McCann Executive Director,Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers 
(7) Danny Thompson Storey County resident and former Executive Secretary/Treasure of the NevadaAFL-CIO(8) Karen Thompson Storey County resident and former Director of Public Safety for the City of Las Vegas

I am a resident of Storey County have been for 23 years so I am familiar with the antics of the above PAC members...yes indeed many Storey County old timers can attest to their not so righteous the old saying goes...those who live in glass houses should not throw stones...need I say more?    

At any rate go to their Web a very weak case against Gerald Antinoro...y'all be the Judge...I am just the messenger:

Addendum: to be fair and balanced the issue I have with Jerry is he was born in Chicago.Ill (Yikes bummer)...and on his bio posted on the Storey County Sheriif's Office he uses the term Progressive...ooop's thats not good!

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