Saturday, February 18, 2017

Judge Rules CNN ‘Acted Recklessly With Regard to the Accuracy’ of its Reporting

By:  Rusty Weiss
An impartial federal judge has issued a ruling in a lawsuit that essentially accuses CNN of peddling ‘fake news’ in their reporting.
The case involves a hospital CEO that sued the network for inflating infant mortality rates at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.
The former CEO of that facility, Davide Carbone, accused CNN of manipulating statistics and ignoring data that painted a different picture of the true rates at the hospital.

Manipulating statistics and ignoring facts to portray a skewed version of reality? CNN? Nah, couldn’t be.
The attorney for Carbone said that “the case against CNN certainly fits the description of media-created ‘Fake News.’”
In an 18-page order allowing the case to move forward, the judge agreed, saying, “The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice.”
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