Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Insanity! Women’s March leader to meet with Islamic terrorist

The woman who is quickly becoming the most celebrated anti-Trump “feminist” in the country has a dark secret – she’s planning to meet with an Islamic terrorist convicted of murdering two innocent people.
And this Women’s March founder says she’s proud of it.
Ladies and gentlemen, the left has officially gone mad.

Linda Sarsour, who sued President Donald Trump over his executive order banning “refugees” from terrorist countries, was one of the four co-chairs of the Women’s March on Washington last month. The Trump-hating “resistance” march made its symbol a picture of a woman turning the American flag into a Muslim head covering, the hijab – a symbol of Islamic violence, dominance and oppression.
Her defenders laughed off investigations that showed Sarsour’s deep family ties to terror.
But her latest move makes her cozy relationship with unrepentant Islamic murderers undeniable.
This spring Sarsour, who runs the Arab American Association of New York, will be one of the featured speakers at the Jewish Voice for Peace’s 2017 meeting – a radical left organization that critics have labeled an anti-Semitic hate group.
Alongside her will be Rasmea Yousef Odeh, who confessed to killing two Jewish men — Leon Kaner, 21, and Edward Jaffe, 22 — in Israel on February 21, 1969, when she was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a terrorist organization.

These are the kind of anti-Trump leaders that liberals are rallying behind.
Odeh admitted that she, her sister, and three others planted four bombs in Jerusalem: two inside a grocery store and another two near the British consulate. One of the supermarket bombs, hidden inside coffee cans, exploded, killing the two young men. Another bomb damaged the British consulate.
An Israeli court sentenced Odeh to life in prison in 1970. It was an open-and-shut case.
Rasmea got lucky in 1979, when the Israeli government released her and 75 other prisoners in exchange for one Israeli soldier captured in Lebanon.
The PFLP terrorist was home-free. But she decided she needed a new start with a make-over in a new country. So, she came to America… and immediately started breaking the law here.

In 1994, Odeh lied on her immigration application, denying that she had ever been “arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer… for any reason.”
First, Odeh’s lawyers said that it was all an innocent mistake. She thought “ever” meant ever since she landed in the United States.
That got laughed out of court.
Then she tried a new tactic. Odeh claimed that her conviction was a fraud. She said she was arrested along with hundreds of other human rights activists, tortured and raped for weeks, then not allowed to defend herself in court.
Her defenders repeat this story to this day… and it’s a lie from start to finish.
When Israeli police raided her home on February 28, 1969, they found three bricks of Russian explosives, a Russian grenade, and other bomb-making materials. She signed her confession on March 1 — the very next day.

Tales of her being beaten, tortured, or raped were denied in court (where she had a lawyer) and the International Red Cross said she received a fair trial.
But even if looney liberals don’t believe the Red Cross, they can reference the woman’s own words!
Because when she wasn’t protesting her innocence to liberals, Odeh was bragging about her murderous past to her Palestinian supporters.
Odeh told the Journal of Palestine Studies, “We had placed a bomb there (at the British consulate) to protest Britain’s decision to furnish arms to Israel. Actually we placed two bombs, the first was found before it went off so we placed another.”
Her co-conspirator, Ayisha Odeh (apparently no relation) said on video, “Rasmeah Odeh was more involved than I was (in the grocery store bombing)… I only got involved during the preparation of explosives.”
A pro-Palestinian book published in 1996, Daughters of Palestine: Leading Women of the Palestinian National Movement, describes Rasmea Odeh as one of the first PFLP “guerrillas.”

The evidence was too much. After only two hours, a Detroit jury convicted Odeh of lying to immigration, stripped her of her U.S. citizenship, and ordered her deported in 2014.
But like her life sentence in Israel, under former President Barack Obama she managed to skate by consequence-free. For years she has been exploiting loopholes in the American legal system to stay in the United States while her case is appealed – and liberals are rallying to her cause
And her legal saga could go on for years.
Meanwhile, she and Linda Sarsour have time to meet at leftist political rallies, and are cheered by thousands of supporters.
Odeh wouldn’t be the first terrorist Sarsour has defended, either. In December, she posed with a man named Salah Sarsour, who allegedly used his furniture store as a front to fund Hamas.

Sarsour continued to celebrate violence and Islamic extremism, tweeting a picture of a Palestinian child holding rocks in front of Israeli soldiers –
When a Jewish politician in New York objected, she warned on Twitter that “Zionist trolls” were out to “silence me.”
She also whitewashes fundamentalist Islamic law, Shari’a, pretending that it just means no one has to pay interest on loans, or that Muslims are free to live their faith the way Christians and other religious people wish to be.

And Sarsour has admitted previously that she has family members with deep ties to Islamic terrorists.
Yet the liberal left celebrates her. They throw rallies and gather thousands of supporters to cheer for her.
These are the kind of people leading the anti-Trump “resistance” against the president and his supporters.
It’s time America said, “Enough.”
The Horn editorial team

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