Thursday, June 16, 2016

Obama Hires Muslim who Praised 9/11 Attacks for Homeland Security!

by Onan Coca 

Earlier this week President Obama wondered why conservatives were so keen to hear him discuss the threat of “radical Islam,” and now we have the perfect example of why we’re so frustrated, to share with him. While the President is peeved that Donald Trump and other Republicans keep demanding that he specifically address the fight against radical Islam, his actions continue to demand our objections. In the most recent example of his completely disconnected-from-reality political policies, Obama just hired Laila Alawa to join Homeland Security.

Why does this matter? Because Laila Alawa has spoken glowingly about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and how they changed America and “the world for good.” She’s also scoffed at American exceptionalism while arguing that she considers herself Syrian and will never embrace America. After Pamela Geller marked the murders of innocents at the Boston Marathon, Alawa told her to “go f*** yourself.” Alawa is a vile, anti-American parasite who hates the majority of American citizens while identifying and sympathizing with our enemies in radical Islam.
Warner Todd Huston of BizPac Review has more

In September of 2014 Alawa insisted “9/11 changed the world for good and there’s not other way to say it. I just hope we keep having open conversations about our differences.”
Obama’s new member of Homeland Security also recently said that she will never consider herself an actual American. Even though she came to the U.S. as a 10-year-old child, Alawa says she will always consider herself a Syrian. “But I will always be Syrian. I will always be from Syria. I will always be of Syria,” she wrote in an article in November of 2015. In the same piece she called Syria her “homeland.” 

In a tweet from 2013, Alawa slammed anyone who might say that the U.S. is a great country.
To further prove how little she thinks of America, she also has posted numerous tweets attacking white people.
On September 10, 2015 she attacked the U.S. as a place where being American means “being white.” 

In September of that same year (2015) she attacked those who didn’t want to bring in untold numbers of Syrian “refugees” into the U.S. as shedding “salty white tears” over Obama’s plans to flood the country with unscreened Muslims. 

This kind of thing from the Obama administration shouldn’t surprise us though; after all, this is the same administration that thinks “right-wing” extremists pose the same kind of threat to our nation that we face from radical Islam.

It’s crazy and stupid.

Read the entire enraging story at BizPac Review.

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