Friday, May 8, 2015

Didja ever wonder bout' Jack's thought process?

Ha I am sure many have...well here is why...He/I ??? grew up during Happy Days/American Graffiti...dropped out of college to serve during the VietNam era...went on after military service to serve again in LE...but his/I roots come from oldies but goodies music...when boys were boys and girls were girls ~ no confusion...Just a Fact Jack...oh and Animal House had a big Impact

At any rate this is why I am a activist against the so called ruling class eliete's both sides of the proverbial aisle who seem the think they have cornered the market on politics...during my youth I agreed with Eddie Cochran...'Summertime Blues' and I still do:)

With no further adieu...hit it Eddie from the grave ...LOL

Oh and not to forget my mentor 'Wolfman Jack' KRLA 1963-64 as a unpaid summer intern Call screener kinda/sorta lol before Vn caught my a draft notice said screw that..don't want that stigma so I dropped out of college and joined:)

Hit it Wolfman from the grave:

So thats who and what I am...don't like it ? ha I don't really give a s*** with it...I say what I mean and mean what I say...a lost art eh'? No BS/PC allowed

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