Thursday, June 15, 2017

Robert Mueller Is Already Leaking To Damage Trump And Republicans Won't Do Anything

 FBI Director Robert Mueller III testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee during a oversight hearing on Capitol Hill December 14, 2011 in Washington, DC.
by: John Nolte

Neither Donald Trump nor anyone who is part of his administration was ever under any kind of investigation for anything related to Russia and the 2016 election. At worst, former Trump-staffers Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn might have misreported income, or something. A paperwork thing.
But the only reason we know the truth is not because our corrupt media broke this bombshell story (the biggest of the year) but because Trump had the guts to play chicken with his leaking, lying FBI Director James Comey; because Trump had the brass balls required to fire that perjuring piece of sleaze.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Trump and his team are so innocent of these charges that no one was even investigating them, thanks to the collusion between the left-wing Deep State and the left-wing media, for months and months the American people were intentionally lied to, intentionally given the false impression that Trump and company were under investigation.
The media knew the truth.

James Comey and the Deep State knew the truth.
But no one would tell the American people. No one would take their foot off an innocent man's neck. Because the goal here is a coup against the American people who, through a legal, constitutional and democratic process, chose Trump as their chief executive.
And now, thanks to weak-kneed Republicans and Comey's illegal maneuvering through selective leaks to the media (which included, among other things, disputed versions of his conversations with Trump), we have a special prosecutor — an already corrupted and compromised special prosecutor who is besties with Comey, his chief witness in a framed-up obstruction case against Trump (a massive conflict that is a clear violation of ethics rules governing these things)

For his part, Mueller is not even making a secret of the fact that he intends to try and frame the president. Already he has packed his team only with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton loyalists, some of whom maxed out their financial contributions in support of both. One of whom was a lawyer for the slush-fund formerly known as the Clinton Foundation.

Because they are the drivers of this coup, our corrupt media is of course ignoring all of Mueller's glaring personal conflicts and partisan hiring choices. Instead, the media (and some quisling Republicans and #NeverTrumpers) have decided to feign horror over the very idea that Robert Mueller's awesomely-awesome reputation would in any way be questioned or tarnished.
And yet, already The Great Untarnished Mueller is strategically and selectively leaking like a mofo.
Yep, even before Mueller has had a chance to fully staff up with whatever Obama and Hillary loyalists remain, already we are being told through selective leaks to the media that the special prosecutor's office is going to try to frame the American president for obstruction of justice.

You see, it works like this …
There was no collusion between Team Trump and the Russians. The media and federal investigators all knew this, did so for months, did so from the very beginning. But they did not want the public to know. And so, working in tandem, lying leakers and a lying media (who knew their leakers were lying) used lying leaks to frame Trump in in the minds of the public as Putin's puppet, as an illegitimate president who worked with a foreign power to steal the election from President Pantsuit.
But Trump refused to play the game in the way they expected. He zagged when they expected him to zig. His bold move of firing his Uriah Heep-ish FBI director forced Comey, the Deep State and the MSM to show their Russian cards; and when they laid those cards down, the entire world saw that they had exactly nothing.

It was all a bluff. 

So now, although there is objectively no case, the lying media and Robert Mueller's lying leakers are working in tandem to frame Trump in the minds of the public, this time with lies about obstruction of justice. The obvious goal is to keep that boot squarely where they want it: on the neck of an innocent man, an outsider, of someone they perceive as an existential threat to their diseased system.   

Trump will not be impeached.
Everyone knows that.
That was once the goal, but no more.
The hope now is simply to stall his agenda.
But here, as they say, is the rub …
The only way these hideously un-American and evil people succeed is if our gutless Republicans continue to cave, if they continue to prove to be the kind of spineless cowards who can't move, who won't budge even after being gifted with a once-in-a-century opportunity to control all levels of government.

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