Thursday, February 18, 2016

America's Suspicions that Justice Scalia was Murdered are Well-Founded!

Antonin Scalia

Nationwide suspicion and speculation that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia may have been murdered is a natural and logical reaction by patriotic Constitutional and conservative Americans.
The sinister reality that an organized mob of evil and tyrannical left wing zealots in the White House, along with their evil and totalitarian allies in all three branches of government are systematically destroying our nation from within like a a colony of invading termites.

The Obama administration and its treasonous, Marxist allies well placed and embedded across our nation, are systematically poisoning our republic with indoctrination and propaganda. Our Constitution and the rule of law have been ruthlessly ignored and viciously trampled upon. Individual liberties are being replaced by protections and privileges for special interest groups. The rights of the states under the Tenth Amendment, freedom of Speech, religion and association under the Fourth Amendment, the right to own and bear Arms under the Second Amendment and all fundamental and natural rights enshrined in our Constitution are under constant assault by the left wing fanatics and the wealthy globalist elites.
The America of our Founding Fathers, the America of “One Nation under God”, of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ronald Reagan is a nation deeply divided, a nation under attack and in the opinion of this writer, is a nation already at war within. Full-scale war has been declared on America from within, by Barack Obama and his pro-Communist, pro-Islamist, pro-Globalist, gothic army of authoritarian scorpions seeking to sting to the death all vestiges of liberty by silencing all defenders of truth, justice and virtue.

Join Us in Demanding an Investigation and an Autopsy!

In the midst of a divided America now involuntarily plunged into all-out economic, social, political and cultural warfare by the radical left, the unusual circumstances of Justice Scalia’s sudden death arouses immediate suspicion because the entire nation is currently engulfed in a constant mindset of fear and suspicion. At least half of America’s citizens live in a state of fear and suspicion as a cumulative effect of the seven-years-long campaign by Barack Obama and his storm troopers to destroy our nation by any means necessary.

Across America as well as around the Globe, political assassinations are, and will continue to be a tragic reality because evil abounds and those possessed by evil will stop at nothing to obtain whatever ends toward which they cravenly lust . In the current circumstances, there are legions of patriots in America who clearly see this lust for absolute power as a “blood lust”. Only a generation ago, author John Grisham’s bestselling novel and subsequent motion picture, “The Pelican Brief” mesmerized readers and audiences with a nefarious plot in which an American Supreme Court Justice was murdered for the specific purpose of tilting the ideological and political balance, and thus the voting majority opinion, in a case on the docket to be decided by the High Court.

Without question, the sudden and suspicious death of Justice Scalia has the immediate and dangerous potential to alter the balance of power within the Supreme Court from 5-4 against Obama’s Marxist, totalitarian agenda, to 5-4 votes to sustain and cement permanently in place a Marxist and totalitarian agenda. The immediate stakes include an Obama administration march right through our already tattered Constitution, tearing what is left of it to shreds via a callous, ruthless 5-4 left wing majority. Immediately following news of Justice Scalia’s untimely death, it was obvious to even the most casual observer, that Obama and his left-wing legions had by far the most to gain, by reshaping the Supreme Court to put a permanent stamp of approval on his disastrous and destructive agenda.

The family of Justice Scalia, as well as all Americans, deserve to know the whole truth regarding this tragic death, and we must therefore demand that an autopsy and an exhaustive investigation commence immediately. As nearly anyone in law enforcement can readily affirm, in cases like the mysterious circumstances involving the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, as well as the stunning political stakes connected with Justice Scalia’s death, “there is no such thing as mere coincidence”.

There are many unanswered questions surrounding Justice Scalia’s death. Here are just a few:
  • He is a Justice of The Supreme Court, and a formal autopsy should be done.
  • He was found with a pillow over his head.
  • His pajamas were unwrinkled as if he had not even been in bed.
  • The owner of the ranch is a wealthy Obama donor

America Deserves the Truth - Justice Scalia's Death must be Investigated and an Autopsy Carried Out! Click Here and Sign the Petition Demanding an Investigation!


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