Sunday, March 19, 2017

From a Veteran/Old Fart to Speaker Ryan...
Make my day Punk!

Here is how I see it:
"Personally, I never understood the hype in regards to Ryan. His resume is Congressional Intern, Congressional Staffer, and Congressman. In other words, he is a creature of Washington. He was literally raised on the hill. He views everything through a D.C. prism. Toughness and negotiation skills are a perquisite for any speaker to be successful. Additionally, a little charisma doesn’t hurt. Amazingly, these are all traits we have yet to see exhibited by the man who has choked on the big stage multiple times.

People often refer to Paul Ryan as “one of the smartest people on the Hill”. While I’m sure Ryan appreciates the compliment, I’m not exactly sure it’s something to be proud of. “The Hill” is populated with people whose skillsets are so weak, they couldn’t last five minutes in the private sector.  Congress is filled with liars, whiners, and conventional thinkers. The reason Donald Trump is able to get networks from CNBC to Fox News to bow to his demands is because he understands negotiations. In contrast, Ryan botched the healthcare rollout showing that he didn’t learn from the controversial Ryan plan rollout prior to a very tight election. By unveiling this plan, he not only forced his Republicans colleagues to have to defend this plan, but he also gave the President and his fellow Democrats ammunition even though they did not have a plan themselves. " 

You claim to be some rugged bow hunter and athlete...yet you never took the time out of college to serve your nation with such skills... Special Forces and Seal Team 6 could use...yeppers you are a self serving PUNK! Your whole career has been a joke and a farce....
By the way did you even read the US Constitution/Bill of Rights? It states 'Congress can make no laws that exempt Congress from'...which means what applies to the electorate also must apply to exemptions allowed! You want to punish seniors and veterans with higher Medical Insurance rates yet you get a golden/cadillac plan via your congressional job~ payed for by veterans,working class and seniors...#PUNK  Get back to me when ya give blood/sweat and tears..earned retirement medical benefits!

Yes indeed Paul...this is going to turn into Ryan's Run...playing out now.. ya ain't no spring chicken...  ya are in the over 30 age group wtfu #Punk : 

Addendum: Get back to me after you give blood,sweat and tears..earned benefits!

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