Friday, May 13, 2016

Transgender Bathroom~a oxymoron~self cancelling argument

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I for one am sick and tired of this perverted argument from the Obama administration..First and foremost the only true transgender is a having both sexual parts a freak of nature...however these persons have the argument to decide which sex they one else does...if one is born with female parts only they are in fact a female no matter how they try to argue the case... the same applies to males born with male parts. Period end of story!

If the looney left wants to argue in court that those lacking being a hermaphrodite have a right to decide and claim be it, the tables can be turned and those whom claim to be what they were born as have the same right to privacy and bathroom use...males with males, females with females...back to square one. If the courts decide in favor of transgenders only having the right to decide outside of being a hermaphrodite they are violating the rights of those who claim to be normal hetro sexuals. Therefore this whole argument is put forth by degenerate perverts and has nothing to do with fairness and all about allowing perverts access to violate a whole class of peoples rights! Enough is Enough folks...  Bottom line don't tread on me and I won't tread on you! If the Obama administration wants transgender bathrooms they can ask congress to pass a bill funding TG bathrooms short of that they do not by any stretch of the imagination have a case for civil rights/ discrimination!

Here I will settle it...: 3 bathrooms so the LGBTQ crowd will feel special after all thats their whole argument..Right? 

Image result for funny pictures transgender bathrooms 

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