Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ex-Prosectuor Giuliani Comes Forward With Significant Prediction About Hillary Email Scandal

Former U.S. Attorney and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently stated that he sees no way for the scandal-plagued presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to avoid being indicted and prosecuted over the “secretive and highly classified” material she held on her private email server while serving as secretary of state.
During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” the former prosecutor declared, “(There are) 13 violations of federal law that she arguably committed. This is about as clear as it gets. It is a crime to negligently handle top secret material.”
Giuliani said that during his time in government he would often end up working late into the night/early morning in order to avoid removing top secret or sensitive materials from his office.

“Now, how can she put all this out there and not get proceeded against by the government,” said Giuliani, pointing to the successful prosecution and continued disgracing of retired Gen. David Petraeus, who had shared classified information with his biographer/mistress.
“They treated it — in the case of Petraeus — as a major crime, and his actions are a hundredth of hers,” proclaimed Giuliani. “She misrepresented about it. She’s lied about it. She said she had no top secret material. It’s absurd.”
As to the tens of thousands of emails reportedly deleted by Hillary and her team before the FBI seized her private email server, Giuliani noted that “that’s evidence of a guilty knowledge … the destruction is evidence of guilty knowledge, evidentiary principle that you can use against someone when they’re in a situation where who knows what’s on those 34,000 e-mails.”

He also dismissed the claim by Hillary that the FBI investigation was politically motivated, noting that the investigation’s second track into the Clinton Foundation should be “really worrying” to her team of lawyers.

Hopefully Rudy Giuliani is correct, as Hillary somehow avoiding an indictment and prosecution for her seemingly obvious crimes would only prove how lawless and corrupt our government has become under the Obama administration.
H/T Newsmax

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