Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why Do Republicans Fear This Woman?

When will liberals learn that their way does not work. Literally.
Check it out:
I don’t get the automatic qualification for president. I don’t… Well, I understand why in her mind and in some Democrats’ mind she deserves it and is owed it as a payback for making sure that her husband was not damaged during his presidency by saying with him. I understand all that. I understand that she is deserved something, that they owe her something. But in terms of Smartest Woman in the World, imminently qualified to be president? I just don’t get it. 

But even in light of that, she’s not gonna get anywhere near the kind of examination that any Republican candidate’s gonna get. Cookie, would you do me a favor? We haven’t played this in a long time. Would you grab the screeching Hillary sound bite that we popularized? This was back during the Bush administration, and the Democrats were out “dissenting” on the Iraq war. All of those who’d voted for it were out trying to pretend they hadn’t voted for it, that Bush had lied to ‘em, and she’s out screaming. 

Some people had raised the question of patriotism and criticizing the commander-in-chief while at war, and she’s somewhere and just started screaming, cackling, about how dissent is patriotism and how she not gonna sit there and let other people tell her what she can’t say and so forth. It’s out of control. It wasn’t measured. It sounds wild and just… You throw all of these things together, and I’ve just never understood why it is a fait accompli that she’s qualified, that she could be and should be elected, and would somehow be okay to serve.   

I’ve never understood it.
Now, I know it’s inside-the-Beltway. It’s the establishment this, the establishment that. But she’s not gonna get anywhere near the examination by the media that any Republican is gonna get. In fact, they’re gonna have to cover up for her. You know, in another sound bite she gets asked about Benghazi and the fact that four people died. After a month or two had gone by, she says, “What difference does it make now?” That was an honest answer. She’s saying, “What are you gonna do? It happened.
“Big deal! All right, what difference does it make now what happened? What difference does it make if I was in? What difference it make now?” That’s an indication how impersonal and cold she is rather than sensitive and aware. I just have never gotten it. I have never understood it. And I’ll tell you this. You’ve seen this yourself. You know it. You’ve seen the stories where intimate friends of Hillary describe what she’s like in private.
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