Thursday, April 9, 2015

New York Times: Christians Must Be Forced To Accept Gay Lifestyle

Gay Parade, Paris
If you ever needed proof of the Left’s totalitarian tendencies, the New York Times has provided it. There is an old liberal saying: “The world is just one execution away from utopia.” Yesterday, the NYT decided that Christians have to be “forced” to accept the gay lifestyle.
In a tirade against people of faith and their “sins,” Frank Bruni goes off on Christians everywhere, demeaning them and basically saying they are unfit to be human beings. However, the striking thing is not just his hatred of Christians, but his remedy to their supposed wrongs.
Bruni wants churches to be unable to call homosexuality a sin. He wants the liberal church teaching of ‘anything goes’ to be adopted by all. 
gay parade 16 Funny: Gay parades worldwide

Breitbart puts it this way:
Op-ed writer Frank Bruni, onetime Times restaurant critic and a gay activist, has written that Christians who hold on to “ossified,” biblically-based beliefs regarding sexual morality have no place at America’s table and are deserving of no particular regard.
In one fell swoop, Bruni trashes all believing Christians as “bigots,” saying that Christians’ negative moral assessment of homosexual relations is “a choice” that “prioritizes scattered passages of ancient texts over all that has been learned since — as if time had stood still, as if the advances of science and knowledge meant nothing.”
In other words, if you still cling to your benighted views and your “ancient texts,” you are living in the past and your views merit no respect.
Bruni’s solution to the impasse is not some sort of goodwill compromise or a treaty of mutual respect, but a take-no-prisoners ultimatum to Christians to abandon their beliefs or else.
 Gay Pride Parade in Chicago, ca. 1970s
Mainstream denominations are dying across America as they embrace Brunei’s call to arms. Frankly, I usually don’t wade into the social issues debate; but the totalitarian angle of his thesis is disturbing to me.
Of course, if you listen hard, you can hear the Left also bashing Islam and their killing and mutilating of homosexuals all over the world.

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