Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Government Requires Local Attention and Action

by Michael Peroutka 

What I am going to say may sound pessimistic, but it really is not. Like many other Americans, I am becoming more and more convinced that Washington, D.C. is completely irredeemable.
Greed, corruption, theft, lies, along with public policies that pander to perversion, irresponsible spending, confiscation of private property, and a ruined economy; these are the products of a federal government that has turned its back on God and is committed to self-destruction.
But I don’t say this out of despair. And I am not discouraged.
Rather, I think it is becoming clear that the reclamation of the American view of Law and liberty must be sought and found locally. We must seek local solutions to protect our rights and to resist the lawlessness of Washington, D.C.
That is why Institute on the Constitution is seeking to re-invigorate the culture with the spirit of liberty that is practiced and promoted through local government. By learning both the text and content of the United States Constitution, the State Constitution and the local county charters, and by attending and participating in local county council and town council meetings, we believe that effective change can begin, and that eventually, by God’s grace, the Constitutional Republic can be restored.
Essential to this process is a foundational understanding of what law is — and what law is NOT — so that we are not confused when we are confronted with what the Signers of the Declaration of Independence called “pretended legislation.”

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