Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump just unleashed fury of liberal Hell!

stand with the President!
I've never seen anything like it...

President Trump's courageous decision to abandon the economically destructive Paris Global Warming Treaty has unleashed the fury of liberal HELL against the President.

If you listen to the news, you'd think that the President just signed the death warrant for the entire world! Trump is being called a "traitor." They say he has gone "rogue." The Pope called it a "slap in the face." One German newspaper led with this headline: "Earth to Trump: (Bleep) You." Elon Musk (who has built his entire empire on receiving "green" money from the federal government) and other tech titans say they won't work with Trump anymore.

The fact is, the President is doing the RIGHT THING and keeping his promise to DRAIN THE SWAMP and put AMERICA FIRST. The Paris boondoggle put America at a huge economic disadvantage and would have cost millions of U.S. jobs. 

Now, the FURY OF LIBERAL HELL is coming against President Trump!
This is by far the boldest decision President Trump has made and the clearest indication that he is committed to DRAINING THE SWAMP and PUTTING AMERICA FIRST! And now, the President needs our support!

+ + Tell The President You Support His Decision!

Grassfire is launching a "Bye, Bye Paris" petition to let President Trump know that citizens across this country support his decision to withdraw from the Paris Global Warming Boondoggle.

If you agree with President Trump's decision to leave the Paris accord and put the interests of America First, click here or on the image below to automatically add your name to this petition

We were forwarded an internal briefing from the White House which makes it clear the Administration has been bracing for ENORMOUS PUSHBACK because of this decision. That's why it is imperative that we respond.

Grassfire wants to deliver 50,000 petitions to the White House within 7 days, but to do so, we need your help.

Again, go here to sign the petition supporting President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Global Warming Boondoggle.

Thanks for taking a stand and PUTTING AMERICA FIRST!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. This is President Trump's boldest act yet to DRAIN THE SWAMP and PUT AMERICA FIRST -- and the fury of liberal hell is being released against him. If you stand with the President, sign here and we'll deliver your message to the White House. 

The crushing economic ramifications of the Paris Global Warming Boondoggle:
--6.5 million lost American jobs
--Key industries crushed: iron and steel down 38%, coal down 86%, natural gas down 31%.
--$3 trillion cost to the economy in lost GDP
--$7,000 lost income per household

stand with the President!

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