Monday, May 29, 2017

BREAKING: Vets Organize Massive Boycott Of This Mega-Corporation Over Disrespecting Veterans

USAA, Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A Announce Alliance
oped: Just for the record USAA was established by a group of Army Officers in 1922...I am pretty sure they are rolling in their graves watching what has become of their dream to service those who give all to support the US Constitution/ Bill of Rights! This new group of CEO's COO's et al at USAA are not by any stretch of the imagination Officers and Gentlemen...they have become political whores catering to the perverted obnoxious Progressive/CPUSA /DNC Soros et al  PC crowd! Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!


USAA is the latest company to pull its advertising from Sean Hannity’s show following a string of ad cancellations from numerous companies after the Fox News host started focusing on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich and his reported ties to WikiLeaks. 

The financial services company, which caters to military members and their families, made a statement on Twitter that it had discontinued running its ads during Hannity because it was against company policy to have “ads running during certain opinion-based programs” – a policy which USAA apparently didn’t enforce before.
From Info Wars

Mark Dice @MarkDice
@USAA @hannity I doubt @USAA actually cares about our veterans. Seems they care more about pleasing liberal trolls.
@USAA @hannity You're boycotting Hannity to please a few liberal trolls, so now we're going to boycott your company @USAA because we think you're garbage.
Several companies, including and Peloton, have already suspended their advertising from Hannity’s show after the host looked into the possibility that Seth Rich was killed because he was allegedly a Wikileaks source.
Hannity then accused liberal lobbying organization Media Matters for America (MMFA) of “liberal fascism,” claiming they were mounting a targeted campaign against him after they released a list of companies that advertised during Hannity’s show.
Hey @USAA pulled advertising from Hannity. Claim to be banking for the military. I hope EVERY active/veteran military BOYCOTT them!
“To all my friends. Today, George Soros, & Hillary Clinton supported Mediamatters is targeting all of my advertisers to try and get me fired,” Hannity tweeted Wednesday.

Sean Hannity @seanhannity
To all my friends. TODAY, George Soros, & Hillary Clinton supported Mediamatters is targeting all of my advertisers to try and get me fired

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