Monday, May 29, 2017

The time has come..let me make a pitch...

.... to true conservatives/patriots
We are getting our collective asses kicked by the progressive looney you ask?
Well because they control media as well as the internet...let me be cannot fight a forest fire with a squirt gun...nor take the high road whilst we are leg swept ala the... Karate Kids~ aka trolls... via the media and internet providers! In essence what we have now is the proverbial inmates running the asylum!

Here is my pitch directed at all the wealthy truly conservative patriot/oath keeper millionaire/billionaire executives,actors, pundits and anchors out there:
How about starting a Cable News Network as well as a Independent Internet Provider dedicated to the truth and not being greedy... that will provide a service at a modest cost to the customer..screw that stupid Fair and Balanced nonsense...hello is MSM Fair and Balanced? Hell no they never have been.

Let's call it  PNN (Patriot News Network) or ONN (OathKeepers News Network) Instead of the header "Fair and Balanced"...'The truth is out There' The Trump's ,Rush Limbaugh,Michael Savage,Bill O'Reilly,Sean Hannity,Mark Levin many more etc.... should be the founders...they have lotsa money/business smarts and could increase the start up capital substantially by offering a stock purchase of say $10.00 per share...after all there are approximatley 43 million true patriots/oath keepers/constitutionalists out there in the electorate that would be more than happy to invest some hard earned money in a news and internet provider that actually supported them...and hey at $10.00 per share it is well within their budget constraints and would add up to one hella lot of start up capital.

Also salary caps on CEO's COO's News Anchors etc should be set at $1.00 less than the salary of the US President...we want people who are doing the job for the love of it not greed!

Well thats my basic pitch...feel free to make suggestions/comments !

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