Saturday, May 27, 2017

Michelle Obama Violated Church Law With What She Wore Into Cathedral

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

While touring the historic city of Siena in Italy, both Barack and Michelle Obama visited one of the oldest Catholic churches in the region, but the former first lady shocked onlookers with her disrespectful attire.
Photos from the U.K. Daily Mail reveal that Michelle showed a surprising amount of skin while entering the Siena Cathedral, a famous religious site. Instead of following the established rules of modesty out of respect for the location, Obama was seen with a top that was nearly falling off her body.
While the tiny single-strap shirt might have been comfortable at the beach, it was noticeably out of place at a holy church. According to the travel information site MyGola, the first lady’s choice was a clear violation of the formal dress code in Italian churches.

“What is the dress code for visiting the cathedral? No bare shoulders and no skirts or shorts above the knee,” the site warns visitors.
It would be one thing if the top were worn by a random tourist who simply didn’t know better. The Obamas, however, continue to represent the United States as former White House residents.

With all eyes — and cameras — on the couple, the wife of the 44th president simply should have known better. Instead, Michelle Obama seemed to be actively flaunting the rules and religious customs in the home country of Catholicism.

Michelle Obama
The entire European trip by the Obamas has been a whirlwind of “top one percent” opulence and excess. According to BizPac Review, the couple arrived in Italy aboard a private plane escorted by a formation of fighter jets. After a motorcade route through the Italian streets, a $15,000-per-night luxury villa was waiting for them.
For people who railed against the rich and lectured Americans about their “fair share,” Barack and Michelle Obama apparently have no sense of irony — or modesty. 

It looks like rules are for other people … at least when your last name is Obama.
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