Sunday, May 21, 2017

ATTN: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

Chief Charlie Beck

I see you have taken LAPD back to the days of corruption...turning a blind eye to crime 1940's -August 1969 when LAPD Chief Ed Davis cleaned up the corruption and made LAPD police Officers proud to serve!
Aug 1969-Jan 1978
RIP ed:
I went to work for the City of Los Angeles after getting out of the US Army Cav 1964-1968 Started as a Assistant Electrician Department of Traffic 1969-1971 Then LAPD Van Nuys Division 1971-1974 while attending college days, I worked graveyard shift... had three great supervisors Sgt Jalotta,Sgt Boyd and Sgt Tam all honest hard working police officers.
After finishing college 1974 I accepted a federal job with USCS as a Patrol Officer working the Mexican border San Diego Ca-El Paso Texas 1975-1986 assigned out of Yuma Arizona Sector...therefore I am familiar with illegal immigration and crimes committed by!

It makes me ill to see the once fine police department digress back to the era of called Progressive! I'm pretty sure you supported and voted for Obama as well as the Clinton's

Hang your head in shame el Diablo!

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