Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Report: Lieberman Out of Running for FBI Director

Image: Report: Lieberman Out of Running for FBI Director
oped: Thank God..albeit Joe is a funny guy and all we need a real man with experience to head the Pee wee Hermans need apply! 

By: Jeffrey Rodack   
Former Sen. Joe Lieberman is no longer under consideration to head the FBI as President Donald Trump continues to search for a replacement for ousted James Comey, CNN is reporting.
Joe Lieberman no longer being considered for FBI director. President's team has hit the restart button on the search for a new FBI Director
— Shimon Prokupecz (@ShimonPro) May 24, 2017 

Lieberman, an ex-Democratic senator and former candidate for vice president who changed his affiliation to Independent, had been considered a frontrunner for the post, The New York Times reported.
And shortly before leaving on his current foreign trip, Trump said he was "very close" to selecting someone to fill the position that became vacant when he fired Comey.

But, according to the Times, Trump's staff had urged him to take more time in making the decision.
And now Trump has decided he want a broader range of candidates for the post, CNN reported.
Trump is retaining the services of lawyer Marc Kasowitz to help navigate the investigations into his campaign, The Washington Post reported.

And the Post noted naming Lieberman to head the FBI would likely have presented a conflict of interest since Lieberman is currently a senior counsel at Kasowitz's law firm.
Democrats were opposed to naming Lieberman as FBI director, Politico reported.
"Some Senate Democrats hold a grudge against Lieberman for his rightward turn and opposition to some of President Barack Obama's agenda late in his Senate career," Politico wrote in its report. "Others say even though they respect Lieberman, the job of FBI director should not go to a former politician. And all Democratic senators interviewed for this story said the former Connecticut senator lacks the kind of experience needed for the post."

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