Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Attn: ISIS, Al Qaeda Radical Islam et al if you attack Nevada....

....It will be the biggest mistake of your collective lives!  

Albeit Las Vegas is made up of Progressive/ Liberal transplants from Hollywood,LA,SF Kawlifornia/NYC etc...the majority of the counties in Nevada are made up of Patriots #OathKeepers...many are Law Enforcement /First Responder/Military that retired and moved to our rural counties and we will respond to protect the weak kneed in Las Vegas...being that Nevada is the *Battleborn State*...and open carry is in our blood and State Constitution!
And by the way we know where your little camps are located within the state...yes you are under surveillance...and any action you take against our beloved state will garner a decisive counter reaction and as the old saying goes hell will follow...just remember we are not Los Angels/NYC/Hollywood we don't talk smack we react!

Have a nice day and your best advice is... pack up and go home before hell finds you!

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