Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sara Netanyahu Welcomes Trump and Slams Media on Hot Mic

Upon arriving in Israel on Monday as part of his nine-day overseas tour, U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, shared a touching moment of bonding and camaraderie with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, during a brief discussion on the tarmac.
“I talk every place about how great she is and how great you are,” Sara Netanyahu told the president.
“I can testify to that,” the Israeli prime minister chimed in.

“Because the majority of the people in Israel, unlike the media, they love us — so we tell them how you are great, so they love you,” Sara Netanyahu continued.
“We have very much in common,” the U.S. president replied.
“Sounds familiar,” the Israeli PM added.

Watch the encounter below:

How right they are. Both the Israeli PM and the U.S. president faced seemingly insurmountable opposition from the media during the 2015 Israeli elections and the 2016 U.S. elections, respectively.
In both instances, the media wanted these candidates to lose. Yet both times they won handily, enraging the media in the process.

“For anyone who did not sleep last night, but spent the wee hours watching as television exit polls began slowly to give way to the actual results … there was a surreal moment … when the floor seemed to give way under your feet,” Israel’s most liberal newspaper, Haaretz, whined following Netanyahu’s latest election victory on March 17, 2015.
“Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on Tuesday in a stunning culmination of an explosive, populist and polarizing campaign that took relentless aim at the institutions and long-held ideals of American democracy,” The New York Times cried after Trump’s victory on Nov. 8, 2016.

To be fair, Netanyahu did enjoy one advantage over his U.S. peer: There wasn’t a concerted effort by his nation’s liberal media to undo his victory via the promulgation of uncorroborated claims of Russian collusion. Suffice it to say, Israeli media had the sense to accept its election loss, whereas American media continues to mope in perpetual sorrow.
Regardless, if the media in the U.S. and Israel had been aware that their blatant disdain would lead to such a touching moment of bonding between the two sets of people they seemingly hate the most, perhaps they would have kept their traps shut in the first place.

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