Saturday, October 15, 2016

White House Aide Exposes Hillary’s Darkest Moments & Psychotic Behavior

by Rebecca Diserio 
Linda Tripp, the former White House aide and friend of Monica Lewinsky whose workspace was located directly adjacent to Hillary Clinton’s second-floor West Wing office, is confirming long-reported accounts of the former First Lady’s darkest moments. Hillary’s long list of psychotic behavior, including throwing objects at Bill Clinton’s head, is now exposing just how sick the presidential candidate has always been.
Linda Tripp in 2016 (left), Hillary Clinton as First Lady (right)
Linda Tripp, who’s best known as Monica Lewinsky’s confidant during her well-known affair with former President Bill Clinton, is coming forward with new details about Hillary’s scandalous behavior in the White House.
Tripp … described what she characterized as Hillary Clinton’s significant temperament issues, including “endless screaming” and the constant use of profanity, as well as a general disdain for the U.S. electorate, the Armed Services and the honor and dignity of the institution of the American presidency, calling her public persona a “smoke and mirrors act.”  [Source: Breitbart]
Most troubling is what Tripp said about Hillary’s need to reach the presidency herself. Even back in the early 1990s, Hillary’s plan was to become president. Tripp said, “[A]s early as the first days of the Bill Clinton administration there was already talk amongst senior staff about a future Hillary Clinton presidency, a position to which Hillary Clinton believed herself entitled.” 


Linda Tripp & Monica Lewinsky (left), Bill & Hillary Clinton during their White House years (right)
Tripp said that Clinton’s method of attacking Donald Trump on temperament is positively mind-boggling for those of “us who did get a first-hand peek behind the Clinton curtain.” Tripp said, “[If voters saw the real] Hillary, they’d see a coarse, profane political operative. With no moral compass. And a complete willingness to manipulate the rule of law to her benefit. They would see a fearsome, paranoid individual with zero concern for the masses. She sees the voting block merely as a necessary evil to achieve her goals. She is a total impressive smoke and mirrors act.”
Most of us realize that Hillary is unfit to be president, but to hear that she already had contempt for the American people when she was First Lady and was already planning on becoming president is a little shocking. That means for 25 years Hillary’s one goal in life has been to be the leader of the free world, and anything that gets in her way will be eliminated.

Throwing objects at Bill’s head is one thing, but Hillary’s behavior is seen in sociopathic personalities who have zero empathy towards others. Master manipulators put on an act in public, but those like Linda Tripp, who saw the real Hillary, know that she has no business having any kind of power. She needs to retire, and Americans need to be done having the Clintons in charge of anything.

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