Friday, October 14, 2016

Clinton Staffer Caught Saying He Could Grab Co-Worker’s A** And Not Get Fired

All week we’ve been hearing how terrible Trump is. Now there’s this video claiming that the Hillary campaign plays just as fast and loose. And in this case, there’s even a “sting” operation where Trump voting ballots were destroyed by the Hillary camping workers and nobody registered a complaint.
In the words of Wylie Mao, a field organizer for the Clinton campaign, who appears to be engaging in some locker room talk at a West Palm Beach bar with mixed company.
“I think that the bar of acceptable conduct on this campaign is pretty, pretty, low,” he said. He then turned to a group of women sitting at his table saying, “In order for me to be fired I’d probably have to grab Emma’s ass like twice…”
So, as Project Veritas said, please—let’s not play this holier than thou game regarding Trump and Clinton. They both have sordid histories regarding the treatment of women, and now we have a Clinton staffer saying he could sexually harass a woman and not get fired initially. It would have to be a repeat offense. Watch the video for live undercover work from the Project Veritas journalists

Project Veritas is an amazing organization headed up by a young constitutional conservative called James O’Keefe. He has been arrested and harassed for all the hard work he does uncovering corruption on the left. I urge you to visit his website to see the disgraces unfolding during this election and to donate to his work. 

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