Thursday, October 13, 2016

John Podesta’s Accounts Reportedly Compromised After Password Found in WikiLeaks Dump

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 by Charlie Nash 

Unauthorized users appear to have accessed Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s various accounts after an email containing his Apple ID and password was found within the recent WikiLeaks email release. 

One user is alleged to have remotely erased Podesta’s iPhone after accessing his Apple account, which contained Podesta’s phone number, address, and various email accounts/

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Do @TheDemocrats know nothing about security? Pedesta's phone got wiped by anon... Password from

Another user tagged WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange in a Twitter post along with various screenshots of Podesta’s Apple account and the comment: “You are going to be getting some interesting information shortly.” 

You are going to be getting some interesting information shortly
WikiLeaks have released numerous batches of emails sent from and to Podesta, and the leaked emails have since revealed the Clinton Campaign’s coziness to mainstream media reportersdistaste for Catholics, disregard for shootings that could not further their gun control agenda, and Podesta’s very own obsession with extraterrestrials.
The leaked emails also revealed that Rupert Murdoch’s Heat Street editor, Louise Mensch, had written an advert for Hillary Clinton that sought to capitalize on her gender, despite Mensch claiming to be an anti-SJW Republican.
“As you will know from Arnold I am a committed Republican (or would be if I had the vote this year). But I worry no end about Donald Trump becoming our President,” wrote Mensch in an email that was forwarded to Podesta. “Much rather have your girl Hillary.”

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