Friday, October 14, 2016

FoxNews ABC NBC CBS CNN et al Good God STFU already!

I have had enough of this Middle School gossip...he said...she said... Yo' momma wears combat boots and my momma can beat yo' momma up!
On and on you go saying if only Donald Trump would stay off the topic of sex he could win the election...yes that is true however it is the media who keeps this going on and on and are the guilty parties in all this school yard sexual banter...and it only helps Hillary Clinton stay away from and dodge the critical issues of the day!

Remember when this same thing happened to Arnold Schwartzenegger in his run for California governor it went on and on until he just said enough I deny it and addressed the issues  the electorate wanted addressed and became governor!

My advice to Donald Trump is to just deny and attack Hillary on her record as senator,Secretary of State,her health,wikileaks damning e-mail scandals...then address jobs,security,immigration etc!

All  I have to say to all the talking head hosts and pundits is you are akin to HarperValley PTA and Peyton Place revisited!

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