Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Addendum to 'Storey County Nevada Retain Sheriff..."

Businessman: Lance Gilman, 68, says most voters didn't think twice about his ownership of the Mustang Ranch
[Lance Gilman...County Commissioner]

In reference to : 

First and foremost in addition to the postings on the "Committee to recall Gerald Antinoro" Website [ ] they snail~mailed out two separate poorly written quasi ~affidavits attempting to reinforce their position as posted on their Website. 

1) To:  All Registered Voters in Storey County
Subject: Antinoro's Custom and Practice of dishonesty 

( Short summary: Called Gerald Antinoro a liar several times (1)...gave as evidence (Cherry picked excerpts) for the sexual harassment claims... one response from the former female Under-Sheriff...which is a classic "He said~she said" nothing more nothing less.
(2) Thompson said : Antinoro demanded a 1m budget increase...Antinoro said: "the request was just that a request"
(3) Nevada Ethics Commission complaints: Very weak...I will not comment being that this matter is set for a final hearing in May...after the recall election of April 11 ( Food for thought)

As for wrongful terminations...turn overs and standards of hire...hello this has been a problem dating back to the old "Sheriff Bob" ,Sheriff Whitten and Sheriff Miller the past 23+years...and for the record the County  HR Department is responsible for job announcement openings, screening /requirements... then the highest rated applicants are submitted to the Sheriff for interview/hire.

2) To: All Registered Voters in Storey County 
Subject:  Antinoro's incompetence on the Judy Black Murder

First and foremost: Neither a Sheriff nor a Chief of Police prosecutes cases...they investigate and submit their findings to the DA who makes the decision to prosecute or not...the evidence submitted by the recall Committee...was a copy of the Washoe County Medical Examiners Office.
The committee states the examiner stated "it was a murder"...not true the examiner stated in his opinion the cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries of the head ...(along with 41separate blunt force injuries to the body) also noted was a toxicology report (see separate report) left out of this evidence attachment  : subdural blood is positive for amphetamine
This case is still pending, however it could go either way...the blunt force injuries are consistent with both a fall down a flight of stairs or a homocide...I haven't seen the case files so I really can't comment any further on this matter! It is the responsibility of the DA to clarify the issues!

I place very little weight on their arguments... being that it was not signed by anyone... which puts it in the category of anonymous . 
The two mailings for the most part were rambling diatribes based on speculation, innuendo, unfounded accusations and the personal opinion of the unknown writer!  

In closing as posted : 
Town Hall Schedule
See the evidence on Antinoro's misconduct in office
March 29 6pm Lockwood Senior Center
April 3     6pm Mark Twain Community Center
April 4     6pm Virginia City (Mustang Ranch Steakhouse)  

We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone or excuse anyone being disruptive 
Say what...why post such a statement? hmmmm appears as if they are getting some push back...dunno y'all be the Judge

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