Saturday, April 8, 2017

#POTUS Donald J Trump ...just a lil unsolicited advice...

Liberal Media Attacks Melania Trump Because She's Hot (Video) - The ...

We the people voted for you to make America Great Again...we are a Republic not a Monarchy...I know you love your daughter Ivanka and son in law Jared I love my kids too...however neither are qualified nor experienced for the positions you placed them in...and both lean way to far left and liberal...both were born into wealth and raised in the proverbial bubble...they may be great in the world of finance, real estate,clothing and cosmetics sales however this does not by any means relate to the real world and the dangers it holds! 

What I am saying is they have become your proverbial Archellis Heel and will destroy all you have done...tough love is what you must address...send them home to take care of family business not we the peoples can hate me, block me and tell me to go to hell...however I am just trying to help you being  a father and grandfather one who served in the military as well as a career in law enforcement...I was always supportive of my kids, and they are doing well...I was always honest with them... praised their accomplishments/abilities as well as short comings...honesty is always the best policy and over rides a parents desire...don't  fall into the trap of being over protective!

Example: #FireKushner Takes Over Twitter ... :

Having said this ...this whole fiasco playing out has brought me to well as many who run in the same circle as I do... Middle America... I leave you with food for thought:

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