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NavyJack – Has President Trump Been Blackmailed by the NEOCONs?

oped: I slightly disagree with my Oath Keeper associates Navy Jack and Stewart Rhodes
While I agree that this was a knee jerk reaction and President Trump acted without verifying proof that Syria actually dropped a gas bomb (seriously doubtful) when they took out the weapons warehouse...and the only reason POTUS agreed to make a surgical/concise strike on Syria's suspicious airfield, as a warning shot, and it goes no further...I can live with that limited action...anything more must go before congress!
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NavyJack – Has President Trump Been Blackmailed by the NEOCONs?

I’ve never been a big believer in strategic coincidence. The announcement that Steve Bannon was being removed from the National Security Council concerned me. Mr. Bannon has been a voice against foreign interventionism so loved by the CIA and the NEOCONs. The timing was suspicious considering recent events in Syria.
Bashar al-Assad is being blamed for a chemical weapons attack against the forces of Al-Nusra Front in Idlib. Maybe he did it, maybe not. A warehouse that had been identified as a munitions storage depot for Al-Nusra Front seems a strange target for use of a sarin gas bomb. That the warehouse was the target does not appear to be in dispute. The only thing in dispute is what type of bomb was used.  Last I checked, and those that know my background also know that I am an expert on these issues; sarin gas delivery mechanisms are not really useful for leveling buildings. These allegations against Assad are suspicious; eerily similar to the 2013 chemical weapon used in Ghouta, Syria.

Many are saying this was a false-flag attack orchestrated by the CIA with the intent of causing a release of chemical weapons being stockpiled by Al-Nusra to force President Trump to take military action against Assad. Again, the timing is strange as Secretary of State Tillerson had announced less than a week earlier that Assad could remain President of Syria as long as he continued to support U.S. coalition forces with the destruction of ISIS. But now, all that has changed. The war drums are beating. Tillerson made statements today that “Coalition Steps Are Underway to Remove Assad“. All this was occurring with the backdrop of the National Security Council being packed with NEOCONs like Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley and Rick Perry. I find this a curious selection of individuals to say the least.
One could make the argument that Bannon was being removed because of his well-publicized disagreements with Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law. If that were the case, wouldn’t Bannon be the first to admit it? One could also speculate that he was removed because he was the only voice on the National Security Council opposed to intervention in Syria and someone who might be skeptical of Assad’s selection of a sarin gas bomb to level an Al-Nusra Front warehouse.  It is possible that his opinion would not be welcome in a room of war hawks and NEOCONs determined to overthrow yet another country that dared to challenge U.S. domination.
“Zero Chance Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag” – Ron Paul

Remember as a candidate, Donald Trump was severely critical of US foreign interventionism. He was also critical of our policies leading to the destruction of Libya and Syria. I find it remarkable that all that could change in the blink of an eye over the alleged use of a chemical weapon by someone that only a week earlier we had publicly announced could remain President of Syria. You see, it just makes no sense that Assad would use chemical weapons to level an Al-Nusra Front munitions building. It makes no sense that Assad would risk his relationship with a new US administration that was showing support for him.
It’s difficult for me to accept that President Trump could reverse course on Syria so quickly before the facts of the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad are even investigated. Banging the war drums and threatening to overthrow the Syrian government does not seem to be a responsible course of action prior to an investigation that has been demanded by Syria’s major ally; Russia. I would certainly hate to see these events result in our nation and Russia engaging in open conflict. Something here just does not add up.

Is President Trump so impetuous as to risk war with Russia over what could just be a Syrian bomb striking a chemical munition in a known Al-Nusra Front munition warehouse?
One other theory has also surfaced. It’s a dark theory of blackmail against the President by the CIA and the NEOCONs that resulted in these groups regaining control over the National Security Council and U.S. foreign policy. The theory involves the source of friction between Steve Bannon and Mr. Kushner.  To avoid spreading gossip, I will not repeat the details because as far as I know this theory is just wild speculation. I will say that it would be a shame if Steve Bannon knew the truth about these matters and failed to inform the public before U.S. servicemen and women risk their lives to overthrow the Syrian government to satisfy the appetite of the NEOCONs.

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Comment from Stewart Rhodes:

I’ll be a bit more bling than Jack on this.  There is a reason the Founders, in their wisdom, delegated the power to declare war to CONGRESS on Article I, section 8 of the Constitution. It was so that no one man or small group of men could decide the fate of millions by making war on another sovereign nation and sending our sons and daughters into combat on their say so alone.  It was to be the people’s representatives alone who would make such fateful and momentous decisions.  This is not a case of immediate self defense against attack on this nation or its armed forces. There was no emergency. Congress has plenty of time to deliberate and decide. But instead the imperial presidency had yet again carried out an act of war against another sovereign nation on its own, outside the bounds of the Constitution on the “advice” of a small cabal of neocons as foolish as the ones who ran the Bush Admin foreign policy.
Whether or not Assad did it, it still belongs to Congress to decide to go to war.  And an air strike against the armed forces of another sovereign nation is an act of war.

Trump has no authority under the Constitution he swore to defend to make this decision to go to war.  It is wrong. And it is especially wrong and foolish when doing so risks war with Russia, a nuclear super-power. And as Jack said, this also goes entirely against his own stated principles which helped him get elected. Whatever happened to America first?  How is this putting the welfare, lives and liberty of the American people first?  It isn’t.
Trump is playing brinkmanship and risking war with Russia for what, exactly?  And before all the facts are in, and in a rush rather than waiting to take it to Congress.  Why?
I believe it is highly likely that Trump has been blackmailed in some way, and it likely has something to do with his son in law (hence the friction with Brannon).   I’d be shocked if that was not the case.
If so, he is risking nuclear annihilation of millions of Americans to cover his own rear end and to play “let’s make a deal” with the neocons.
If not, then he is still playing craps and rolling the dice with millions of lives just to not look weak on the eyes of the same neocons who want his head.

Either way, it is precisely what the Founders meant to prevent from taking place when they gave the power to go to war to Congress.
We have not had a declared war since WW II and look at how they have all turned out since.  And look who has been orchestrating them all.
This is the deep state tail wagging the dog, yet again, and this time it is Trump as the dog.
Brannon needs to spill the beans and blow the whistle on whatever is going on, no matter how ugly it may be.
Otherwise the deep state will run this nation just as they did during Bush or Obama, with Trump as a figurehead puppet. The election of Trump will have become a joke and a farce as any kind of reversal of our descent  into an imperial dictatorship of the globalist elite, with a mere facade of we the people being in charge of jack.
Remember your oaths and hold Trump to his, no matter what.
If he won’t drain the damn swamp, then we will, one way or another. 


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