Thursday, April 6, 2017

Susan Rice TURNS On Obama, Makes Stunning Confession About Wiretapping Trump

(Angry Patriot) – It is blatantly clear that the Obama administration had plenty of secrets. And, as more evidence comes to the fore, we’re finally getting that “transparency” they promised us all along.
Susan Rice appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell. Before the interview even started you can clearly see how anxious Rice looks. It didn’t take her long to confess what we knew all along — that Obama was in on the entire scandal!

During the interview, Rice started explaining the different aspects of how information is passed around between the intelligence communities. She said four revealing words that prove that the order for Trump’s wiretap came from directly from Obama.
The four key words used were “On a daily basis.” She went out of her way to say that, as the National Security Advisor, her job was to keep the country safe. The intelligence community would compile gather information and give it to Obama.

If you read between the lines you can see what is happening here. Rice is clinging to Obama, the Democrats’ idol, and hoping that the left yells loud enough to overpower us, the rational people. Spoiler alert: their whining is not going to stop us.
Considering the information Rice provided, she just accidentally confessed to something big. Obama clearly had the information from the IC regarding Trump, pre-election.
If this is the case, that would mean that Obama directly ordered the wiretap — exactly as President Trump stated.

It is pathetic to see Rice have the opportunity to do the right thing for the American people and then just throw it away. She could have spoken out without being cryptic, but, instead, she continues to be a puppet for the former administration.
We need some resolution in this situation. Rice is likely going to get some feedback from her puppet masters due to her statement, even though it was subtle. We see day in and day out the baseless claims from the left trying to undermine President Trump — but if you mention the wiretapping situation that has been exposed, or show your support for Trump, you get verbally or physically attacked.
The real patriots in our fine country are sick of the lies, sick of the nonsense, and sick of discussion being muffled due to differing opinions. Something needs to be done to resolve this situation. We need to start dismantling false claims while proving what is true with FACTS. It doesn’t matter how loud the left yells, you can only ignore facts for so long.
Luckily, we are on a path to bringing this country back where it needs to be. If we stick together, we can expose people like Rice who go out of their way to lie to our faces. This behavior can only go on for so long. Rice is just another gear in the machine. If we break enough of the gears, eventually the machine that is the left will break down and their inner workings will be exposed.


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