Monday, April 3, 2017

Muslim Refugee Refuses to be Arrested, Beats 3 Female Police Officers

By Onan Coca 
Swedish patriot and journalist PeterSweden has become quite popular as a voice of sanity in the once serene Nordic nation of Sweden. His country is on the verge of chaos, due in large part to the crushing tide of Muslim migrants flooding their borders. Peter’s most recent revelation is a cell phone video of 3 female police officers confronting a Muslim refugee at an asylum center.
The man was being arrested because the police had reason to believe that he was behind a series of arson attacks in previous months, however, the man decided he didn’t want to be arrested and the female officers didn’t have much to say about it.

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) April 2, 2017
This was filmed at an asylum center in Sweden. 

Peter is now promising even more shocking footage of police being cowed by Muslim migrants. In a tweet he posted after the video above went viral, he told his followers that he actually has shocking footage of police hiding from a migrant suspect as he destroys their car!
Here’s the Youtube version of the attack on the 3 female officers, the confrontation begins about 1 minute into the video.

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