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Storey County Nevada Sheriff's response to recall election...

oped: Indeed this is a "Never Ending Story" akin to the attacks on #POTUS Donald Trump from the looney left Progressive DNC! SEE:

Attention Storey County Citizens

In November 2016, a group funded by the developers of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center filed a notice of intent to attempt recalling me from office. This group has filed complaints, lawsuits, authored false news, and twisted information trying to give the appearance that I have run amok as your Sheriff.
The truth is they are trying to create a narrative that simply isn’t true. The following information will state their claims and provide the real facts and circumstances. In the end, I believe that you will see this is nothing more than political animus and their desire to build and fortify their personal fiefdom.

After reading through this information should you have questions, feel free to contact me.
Gerald Antinoro
Storey County Sheriff’s Office
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Fiction & Facts

Allegation: The Sheriff has blown out his budget.
Fact: The Sheriff’s Office budget has grown. Under my tenure as Sheriff the budget has fluctuated between roughly 3 and 3.5 million dollars. Team Recall would have people believe the Sheriff’s Office budget is out of control and wildly growing. This is simply untrue. Great care has been given to the resources entrusted to the Sheriff’s Office. Millions of dollars have in fact been saved by the Sheriff’s Office by doing away with planned projects when I took over because they were wasteful and did not serve to better our community. I was accused of blowing out the budget during the 2014 election and despite all the shouting about it no proof was ever given to support the claim. Every individual can go ask for a copy of the current or past budgets. Do the math yourself, look at the bottom lines – you will see the truth. While you’re at it, look at the rest of the county’s budget and see where the money is really going. You might be surprised.

Allegation: The Sheriff has cost the county money because of unlawful terminations.
Fact: I have terminated employees - for cause. Plain and simple, they violated Sheriff’s Office policy. These terminations were done by the book and this has been repeatedly stated in open meetings by the county manager. What is surprising to me is that a guy who was an attorney (the voice of Team Recall) doesn’t understand the process of allegations and arbitration. Employees at times become liabilities and unfortunately must be terminated and just like a cancer must be removed to preserve the body. The county opted to settle the claims rather than fight on principle. This was a financial decision of the county – not a statement of quality. If they were wrongly terminated they would have been put back to work. That’s how the process works. In short, it was cheaper to pay them to go away.
Allegation: The Sheriff has harassed and bullied employees.
Fact: Yet another distortion by Team Recall. During the 2014 campaign this allegation was also made. In an abundance of caution, the County hired two separate and independent investigators to look into these allegations. The investigations found no harassment or bullying. In the most recent allegation, I have acknowledged it was an error to think I was discussing personal issues with someone who professed to be a friend and confidant but was also an employee. However there was no “severe or persistent” conversation or discussion (severe or persistent being the standard to substantiate a finding of harassment). Team Recall claims I was found guilty by the investigator in this instance. Again, as an attorney, I would think he would know that an investigation is merely a gathering of information, not a finding of fact.

Allegation: The Sheriff has harassed and bullied members of the public.
Fact: This derives from the minds of Team Recall. While there are people who have not cared for decisions I have made while Sheriff, there is nothing to support any claims of bullying the public. Team Recall infers my treatment of the brothel is harassment. The reality is that it is enforcing the laws and rules that apply to it. The fact that others in my position may have made allowances while I choose to follow the ordinances, do not constitute bullying. It’s what the people of the county wanted when they elected me to the position of Sheriff – twice. As for deputies bullying people and being protected by the Sheriff, contrary to what Team Recall would have you believe, any allegations made against deputies have been fully investigated and handled pursuant to Sheriff’s Office policy. As for their allegations concerning my personal dalliances, I think it ludicrous that people so closely affiliated with a brothel and the selling of women for sex would throw criticism at me for consensual activities.
Allegation: The Sheriff has used County monies to further his campaign.
Fact: This is a complete and utter falsehood. Team Recall points repeatedly to the purchase of pens to further my campaign. Really? Unfortunately, deputies go through a lot of pens and the public always takes them off the counter so we are always buying pens. Sometimes even during political campaigns. The pens they point to were purchased by the county for county use. While I did have pens that I handed out as a part of my campaign, they are markedly different than those used by the Sheriff’s Office. And I have documentation for the pens I purchased as part of my campaign. I recently purchased more pens for the Office because we finally exhausted the supply purchased in 2014. Ask yourself, just because it has my name on them does that make it a campaign item? Or could it possibly be just because I am the Sheriff? Just like a plethora of Sheriff’s Offices around the county.

This is a taste of the ridiculous allegations being made by Team Recall. They twist, distort, and outright fabricate their allegations. They have been creating their own narrative and trying to support it with their own allegations. Yet when one critically examines their claims, seeks independent information and confirmation, or utilizes critical thinking, their claims hold about as much water as smoke does.
As I have stated before, I am honored to be YOUR Sheriff and I am humbled by the trust the citizens of Storey County have placed in me. I have faith in the wisdom and judgment of the residents of Storey County and invite you to contact me with your questions or concerns. Unlike Team Recall, I will not insult your intelligence. You may not like what I say but it will be the real deal, not distortions and fabrications.

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