Friday, April 7, 2017

I'm getting to the point of screw it~People are Crazy!

Yes indeed...I am so weary of sounding the alarm...I feel like Paul Revere...oop's cancel that one if'n one researches history...a young lady finished Paul Revers ride...he never finished it...Just a fact Jack!
At any rate I'm getting close to throwing in the proverbial towel becoming a hermit...a prepper or seems a waste of time trying to drain the proverbial swamp/sewer in DC...They come~ they see...then they always seem to join the crowd...nothing changes "A Never Ending Story"

Anywoo...God is Great,Beer is Good and People are Crazy....cheers one and all...this old fart has about had enough of Twitter,MSM, FoxNews any and all talking heads,politicians claiming they know whats good for us all...if'n I don't see real progress soon...I will exit stage right..cancel me phone,social media accounts and just praise God,drink beer and reminisce of the good old days and wait for God to call me home !

Hit it Billy:

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