Sunday, January 15, 2017

Who am I...?


We all ponder this dilemma as we stumble our way through life...can I be all I want to I created I special...on and on it goes.
Well yes and no applies to one and all...are we all artists,athletes,scientists,engineers,mechanics,carpenters,surgeons,singers,actors,soldiers,policemen,cooks and bakers,plumbers,candlestick makers etc etc?
Kinda sorta... however some master one or two or more,some only one...others are a Jack of all Trades but master of none...therefore we must all find what it is we are best at and work to improve and excel in this God given or if one prefers the term "Natural Selection" process of genetics passed on from generation to generation. Some are cute,not so cute,tall,short, fat or skinny we are what we are deal with with it don't cry don't ask for special on your best side:)

Thats the blunt, cold, hard truth...we are all created equal only in the sense that it is pre determined who and what we are capable wishin',hopin' nor dreamin' can change the basic facts of life called genetics...yes we are all gifted in one sense or another and each balances the other. Some are smart,some mechanical,some artistic,some athletic,some scientific etc etc on and on it goes and if we find our proper way in life we all complement each other...if not we all become whiners and at odds with each other...which becomes a losing proposition from the get go...nothing improves,nothing gets done, nothing is gained... life becomes pure chaos!

So may I suggest y'all listen to the following two songs...pretty much sums it up for boys and girls alike imho mind ya...I grew up during a time when boys were boys girls were girls no confusion...we all accepted who we were and what we were good that a mechanic building cool hot rods....the athlets (Jocks), cheerleaders,thesbians and band members who entertained us...or just the normal Jack of all Trades masters of none who got along with all!

Enjoy... hopefully y'all will get the drift...if not, oh well I gave it my best shot!

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