Saturday, January 21, 2017

John Kerry be a Walkin' the Dog...

After his failed career as a Naval Officer Vn era...then as a failed Senator...he moved on to a attempt as POTUS Candidate #Fail...then he was appointed as Secretary of State...and we all are aware of this disaster he be a walkin' the dog trying to impress the ladies of planned parenthood...I'm thinking John is going to make a run as NYC Dog Catcher...well this is probably his best shot for a career ending political job...'Chief poop scooper' ...Great title for Caca man! 

Now who the hell... 

John did thats who...ISIS etal 

And IMHO John should just put on a hawaiian shirt,bermuda shorts,sun glasses and boat shoes...jump on his Yacht and sail off into the sunset heading to Hawaii to meet up with Barry Barack..oh and via the Bermuda triangle...adios John!

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