Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rep John Lewis Civil Rights ICON or DNC Plantation Overseer?

Alrighty then let's address this issue...First and foremost one does not get arrested for peaceful, following the law, protesting...and John probably holds the record for the number of arrests 47+ so I suppose he can claim the title of Arrest ICON! 
Second: John definetly fills the bill for being a loyal plantation overseer....he is a player thus a useful idiot who was dumbed down... not knowing the history of the major players who use him well.
Let me help you John your homework assignment to bring you up to speed on US History 101 Slavery/Racism ....don't forget to click on all of the links...and let your journey begin : 

As for the following posted article all I can do is dedicate a song to you: Liar Liar :

via: TheHornNews
Georgia Rep. John Lewis claims he’s never missed an inauguration during his three decades of public service, so — according to Lewis — that makes his absence Friday in Washington, D.C. for President-elect Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony extraordinary.
Only one problem: He’s been lying the whole time.
Lewis has skipped inaugurations in the past. In fact, he’s even declared Republican presidents illegitimate before, too.
The hypocrisy was discovered by savvy Trump supporters, and the following picture quickly circulated on social media Monday —

But that hasn’t stopped Lewis.
And even worse, his stunt has been embraced by over 40 of his fellow House Democrats, according to The Washington Post.
It’s a shameful act of political theater on a day designed to be nonpartisan and uniting for America.
Instead, Democrats are using the day to shine a light on themselves — and claiming the Republican president-elect is a threat to democracy.
The number who initially said they would skip the event has increased after Lewis lashed out at Trump over the weekend and challenged his legitimacy as the next president.
Trump and other Republicans have dismissed the boycott and complaints, saying Democrats are sore losers who need to accept the results of the election and move on.
The Associated Press contributed to this article

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