Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dump Climate Deniers — Stop Trump’s Cabinet Appointees — NYC

Climate Protestors from gathered outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s
NYC office, demanding that Sen Schumer dump Trump’s “climate
denier” Cabinet  appointees

But, where, oh where was global warming when we needed it? It was
a very cold 11 degrees F.
Climate Groups had Organized #DayAgainstDenial to Reject
Trump’s Cabinet. 

The Rallies took place at U.S. Senators’ in-state offices nationwide
Washington, DC — On Monday, January 9th, a coalition of climate and environmental organizations were joined by people across the country at rallies for the ‘Day Against Denial’ aimed at stopping Trump’s cabinet. The rallies took place at dozens of U.S. Senators’ in-state offices, calling for these elected officials to reject Trump’s climate denial cabinet, including Rex Tillerson, recent former CEO of ExxonMobil, for Secretary of State; Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator; Ex-Gov. Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy; and Rep. Ryan Zinke for Department of Interior. 
Flyer the Climate Loons handed to passersby : 
They gathered again that evening in Brooklyn, outside Sen. Schumers home 
As the cabinet hearings began, the 350 Brooklyn twitter feed  was very busy –

Opposing the hearings – mothers-milk for these vile creatures

From Climate Central:
Tuesday marked the start of confirmation hearings for President-elect
Trump’s cabinet nominees. The grueling sessions allow senators from
both parties to probe nominees’ backgrounds, question their views and
priorities for the agencies they’ll be tasked with running, and weigh their
One potential flashpoint for a number of nominees is climate change and
clean energy. Many of Trump’s nominees — and Trump himself — have
widely expressed climate science denialism and questioned the value of
clean energy. 
The rantings of fools who never rest. 
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