Saturday, January 21, 2017

The pro-choice/abortion womens rights issue...

Planned Parenthood

Let's put this issue to bed once and for all...Do women have the right to chose what they do with their body?
Absolutely....however they have zero right to commit murder on a innocent child just because they don't want a child,or it is the wrong sex,or it would ruin their bikini body,interfer with their job/ career etc!
I would allow a little wiggle room ( protection law) for those who were force raped,a minor(child) victim of incest or a major medical problem/ possible death of the mother documented by a panel of MD's. And by no means should a abortion take place more than 4 weeks following conception, after that adoption only option...and by the way over the counter tests are very cheap-just a few bucks!

Abortion should never be allowed as a form of birth control...there are numerous options available... this applies to both women and men...ranging from free to less than $500....1: celibacy 2: Condoms 3: Birth Control and morning after pills 4: tubes tied for those who may want children at a later date and tubes cut for those who just don't want children ever.  Planned Parenthood should be out of the abortion business and just provide the above via donations or if approved by insurance carrier. By no means should they receive federal grants nor funding #PERIOD

I am pretty sure that insurance companies would prefer to cover in Dr office tubes tied or cut as well as birth control Rx's... over pre-natal, delivery and hospitalization costs.
Please don't say... what about those who can't afford BC....I say BS, budget for it, if sex is so important,don't buy a new pair of shoes,outfit, a new phone Ap or music download....Period end of discussion

Now for the nut case #LGBTQ...this mostly applies to the so called lesbian crowd, why the hell are they concerned about BC anywhoo being that they don't have sex with the opposite sex (Thats free BC)...or do they?... on the slight, making them frauds... bi-sexual and or fetish sex only?

Now for the limo liberal wealthy crowd ranting and raving about pro-choice...marching and stomping yo' feet in childish protest....get a grip already y'all can afford any and all non abortion BC....including cyro freezing eggs and sperm for a later date as well as substitute mother for pregnancy/delivery care and hospitalization!

Thats all I have to say on the matter...the pro choice myth argument is : *BUSTED*

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