Monday, January 16, 2017

It is good to be retired and a blogger...Risky business tweeting it though ha

Yes indeed...and by the way not all bloggers are kiddos blogging from ma & pa's basement in their tighty whitees....some of us are old farts...and by no means in the are all grown up and on their own...after a rewarding career one must keep the old mind active...blogging fits the bill....and yes no need to get dressed....home alone...ha...It's cold as hell outside 3 feet of snow and 8 deg....brrr...Ha no matter don't have to put on a suit, tie and overcoat and brave the cold to go to work...then put up with a naggy boss telling ya what ya can and cannot say...ya be your own boss and yes it is good to be retired! However on a fixed income way more time than 

At any rate...the heat is turned up...the coffee is hot and the music is cranked up for the mood whilst I be a typin' away to....Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger! Enjoy!  

By the way blogging and Twitter are akin to love....really addicting...therefore up next ha: 

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