Monday, July 11, 2016

BREAKING: Recording From Police Scanner Blows 3 Philando Castile Lies to Bits

The mainstream media has desperately tried to present several lies about the officer involved shooting of Philando Castile last week in Minnesota to fit their narrative.
But KARE-TV has obtained police scanner audio that obliterates three lies currently being reported about the Wednesday shooting.
Lie #1: Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, claimed that they were stopped by police for a broken tail-light .

Truth: Castile was pulled over by police because officers believed he matched the description of a suspect in an armed robbery that occurred Tuesday afternoon.
Take a look at these two pictures from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension taken from surveillance footage from the armed robbery next to a photo of Castile:
Robbery sbs Castile

Lie #2: Police did not call for medical attention after Castile was shot.
Truth: Police did call for medical attention, as confirmed in the audio.
Lie #3: Original reports claimed that Castile’s background with law enforcement was limited to “driving without insurance” citations.
Truth: Castile had many run-ins with the police — he was stopped over 50 times since 2002 for numerous violations. Over half of them were not pursued, however, he amassed $6,588 in fines.

While many in the media have tried to ascribe racism to the motivation of the officer who shot Castile, the officer has said that this is not the case — he shot Castile due to “the presence of the gun and the display of that gun inside the vehicle.”
You can listen to the KARE-TV report below that includes the police scanner audio. KARE-TV noted that it had not been able to independently verify the audio at the time of the story but that the license plate number referenced matched that of the vehicle Castile was driving:

Listen here:

The court of public opinion is no place to decide the lawfulness of the Castile shooting. The officer involved in the shooting deserves to be innocent until proven guilty just like anyone else and the justice system needs to be allowed to do its job.
The public does deserve to hear the truth and these major lies make it clear that the mainstream media cares more about a political agenda than they do about their responsibility to the public.
H/T Independent Journal
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