Sunday, August 4, 2013

US Military continues to strip service members of their Constitutional Rights..!

Our servicemen/women sacrifice part of their lives to protect America, the American people and the Constitution of the United States.  Once Barack Obama became Commander in Chief, he has continually stripped our military people of the same constitutional rights that they are defending.
Christian military personnel are no longer allowed to express their faith because it might offend others while Muslim personnel have no such restriction regardless if their views offend anyone or not.  One Army Master Sergeant was disciplined for celebrating his promotion and honoring the Defense of Marriage Act while in full uniform.  Yet in 2012, the Pentagon ruled that it was okay for any military personnel to wear their uniforms when marching in gay pride parades.

Earlier this year the Air Force issued orders to ban all members of their branch from using the military internet connection to view any news sites to search for news of the scandals rocking the White House.  Like other socialist counties, Air Force personnel had the internet use restricted for fear it might turn them against the president.
Now the US Army is joining the ranks of socialist tyranny.  It seems the British news agency, The Guardian, posted an article concerning the NSA spying scandal.  Along with their article, The Guardian posted a TOP SECRET slide show.  Evidently, what the rest of the world can view in the slide show has been deemed off limits to all Army personnel.
An email went out to Army personnel saying:
“Do not go to ‘The Guardian’ news website as they have TOP SECRET slide show on the main page and you will be flagged,”
“If someone is not included on this email inform them this website is off limits.  If anyone has visited this page today and clicked on any ‘NSA program’ slide show please inform me immediately. It is much easier fix (sic) an issue before it becomes a problem then (sic) after it becomes a disaster.”
What I want to know is where are all of the civil rights lawyers in cases like this?  Are they just going to stand by and let the military strip the constitutional rights away from our military personnel?  These men and women are asked to lay their lives and bodies on the line to protect the same rights that they are being denied and no one seems to have the intestinal fortitude to protect them.
I’ve always supported our military, until Obama got his perverted socialist hands on it.  Now I’m ashamed to see what’s happening to our brave men and women.  I’m even more ashamed and angry that no one is willing to stand and protect them.


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