Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More “Mysterious Lights” appearing in skies across the United States

“Oh my God!” “What is this?”“There’s more! They keep coming!” That’s the reaction heard on a video taken Sunday night, Aug. 4, as Virginia residents stared at more mysterious lights that danced in the night sky. It’s the latest in a series of reports by citizens across the U.S. of a strange phenomenon that has yet to have a confirmed explanation. Catherine Crabill of Irvington, Va., submitted the new video to WND. “I personally saw at least 30-plus [lights],” she said. “This is not the best video as they show up more like pinpoints of light when they were actually bright orange orbs. Some seemed in formation, others were randomly arranged. They were headed in a southerly direction in the western sky from us. We saw this from my backyard at about 10:15. There were at least 10 witnesses.” Meanwhile, Doug Crites of Missouri says he saw similar lights last Sunday, July 27, from his front porch in O’Fallon, Mo., some 25 miles west of St. Louis. “My wife and I were standing on the porch enjoying an unusually cool end of July evening,” Crites told WND. “It was dark so it must have been about 10 p.m. although I didn’t actually note the time. Two orange fairly bright lights appeared, the one on the right somewhat higher than the one on the left but both in a fairly tight formation. They caught my attention because they were orange and appeared to be moving toward us although they were quite a ways out. More 
Hmmmm..maybe the fleet is parked behind the moon and these sitings are scout craft...dunno

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