Monday, August 5, 2013

Rep. Steve Stockman Goes After Obama Birth Certificate Issue

Steve Stockman is by far my favorite congressman. The brash Texan from the 36th District is not one to hold back anything in the pursuit of what he feels is just. This is the same man who had the guts to expose Barack Obama for using fake spambots in his gun control push, vowed to kill the senate gun bill with a blue slip, vowed the same on immigration reform and raffled off an AR-15 in the middle of a national gun debate. The list goes on and on with Stockman. He is colorful and he is not afraid.
Do you know what I like about Steve Stockman? He walks the walk. He doesn’t seem to care if he might get a little egg on his face or be seen as a little eccentric. He simply sets out to do what he feels is right. He is not afraid of being embarrassed or failing. He just does it. That is refreshing in politics.
It’s refreshing to see a guy who comes from the heart and shows some passion. Steve Stockman has a pulse. He is not another regurgitated beltway zombie. He is one of us.
I’ve suspected this was coming for some time because I do follow the “birther” news. I don’t normally write about these issues but I am not afraid of them. I’m not going to hold back because you might laugh at me.
News came out over the weekend that Steve Stockman is busy drumming up support for a bill that will pursue the Obama ID Fraud case. As Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo has been promising, the issue has finally made it to congress on the back of Steve Stockman. Who else would have the guts to sponsor such a bill? There are a few but you could certainly count them on one hand.
The announcement did not come from Stockman himself but rather from Ted Yoho (FL-3rd District) who worked it into a meeting last week. Here is an audio of Yoho addressing his constituents. Please notice the applause when he drops the bombshell. 


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