Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Democrat candidate for Governor from Arizona wants you to know...

Noah Dyer. © azgov2018 / Instagram

...that he’s an “honest” politician. REALLY HONEST. And really honest about things none of us wants to know anything about. 

Seriously, Arizona, what is going on out there?
First, you reelect John McCain (whose like 180 years old) when you have a great conservative candidate like Dr. Kelli Ward offering you a better option, and then you let a sexual deviant like Noah Dyer become a mainstream candidate for your state’s highest office? Some of the folks in your state need to get out of the sun and into the air conditioning.
Recently, Democrat Noah Dyer (D-AZ) announced his bid to be the next Governor of Arizona and he began his campaign by telling everyone (and I mean everyone) about his many sexual escapades and liasons. He openly admits to being very promiscuous. To enjoying group sex. To sometimes recording his sexual rendezvous’. He even admits to having had many affairs with married women… and by admitting that none of this would stop if he was elected Governor.

For this “honesty,” many Democrats and left-leaning media outlets have praised the candidate.
Comedy Central’s Daily Show even did a full-length segment on the candidate while explaining that his tactic was a bad one for a politician in a conservative state like Arizona.

“I don’t actually want to talk about my sex life; I’m just sharing it at the get-go so we can not talk about it,” Dyer insisted.
“But there’s a tab on your website about it,” Lydic pointed out. True enough, Dyer has a tab on his website going into detail about his divorce and his “deep and casual sexual experiences with all kinds of women.”
“There’s going to be a Republican governor for a long time,” Lydic predicted.

What everyone seems to be missing in the story of Noah Dyer isn’t the fact that he’s sexually promiscuous and enjoys what most Americans would describe as deviant sexual behavior. No, it’s more deep-seated and important than that.
Dyer’s willingness to admit his immoral behavior with married women unmasks some very important shortcomings. Dyer doesn’t care about the people around him, he doesn’t care about his community, he doesn’t care about the families, or the children of the women that he has relations with. He only cares about satisfying his own lusts and sexual cravings.
Does this sound like the kind of man who should be elected to “serve” a community? Dyer’s honesty simply reveals he is far too self-absorbed and thoughtless to properly lead anyone, let alone an entire state.

Source: by: Onan Coca

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