Sunday, May 14, 2017

Attn: Donald J Trump...Food for thought

I'm just a simple guy...Middle America (Fly over Country)...I don't live in your world...nor do you in mine!
However, I do believe we both want what is best for America....therefore please consider my train of thought for making decisions.
I was going to go on a long and detailed diatribe expressing how I think ....scratched my head and said no need to do that in our new world of fast track and sound bites.

So please bear with me as I reduce it to song...being a old fart who grew up when songs actually expressed how our generation thought about day to day life and how to address it.

Before you make any life altering decisions effecting the general population please play the following three songs...let them be your guide...they are short, simple, honest and sweet

Let your journey begin:  sure hope it always does for me:

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