Sunday, May 14, 2017

President Trump...Pick a Jim Bridger for FBI Director

Trey Gowdy Destroys ‘Hack’, ‘Drugged up’ Harry Reid For Awful ... 
Both have bad hair days...yet both never gave it a thought!

Gonna keep this short and simple:
Think outside of the box...pick one who can do the job...not just a purdy' face with a cool resume' ...elite university education... a social butterfly who rubs elbows with the In-crowd... pick one who is a pit bull,a game changer,one who is making history~never occurred to him... not talkin' smack about it!

I say Trey Gowdy fits the Jim Bridger persona...he is a definite equal opportunity prosecutor...  

I rest my case as a former federal as well as local retired LE Officer who served in the field not in a cushy office on the proverbial hill! 

This oldies song pretty much sums it up:

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