Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fabio: California Gun Laws, New Parole Policies Making State Dangerous

oped: Indeed Gov Jerry Brown is totally destroying would behoove California to recall this *BatShitCrazy* Gov...See: 

Gov Brown as well as his buddy NYC Bloomberg are trying their best to force this crap in Nevada also...however Nevada is fighting back See:


Modeling legend Fabio Lanzoni took California Gov. Jerry Brown to task for supporting recently-passed Prop 57 that releases convicted criminals early (including rapists and child molesters), particularly in light of the difficulty for law abiding citizens to obtain guns to protect themselves.
The Italian born model, 58, told NRATV that crime has become an epidemic in the Golden State and that Prop 57 is only going to make matters worse.
“It’s an epidemic,” he said. “Number one, you have a governor like Jerry Brown, who turned his back to the law enforcement.”

He added, “With Prop 57, he brought down all the violent criminals to non-violent because they were good in jail. And now he’s releasing tens of thousands. Now, yes, everybody is getting burglarized, mugged, robbed in the streets.”
Lanzoni’s own home was burglarized last month.

The model told CBS LA following the burglary last month that criminals took $200,000 worth of goods, including watches and his coin collection.
“They see a nice home, they see nice cars, they burglarize everybody, just in my area the month of March more than 350 homes just in one month, and just a section of Los Angeles, it’s an epidemic,” said Lanzoni.
He predicted on NRATV that the epidemic is only going to get worse, with the criminals being released under the newly-enacted Prop 57 guidelines.
“And you know now the new wave of criminals he’s going to release is going to be pedophiles, child molesters and rapists,” said Lanzoni. “He is releasing all the rapists. So next thing you know, there’s going to be a lot of raping going on. What’s the governor of California going to say to the parents and every single woman out there should be up in arms.”

Lanzoni lamented that even as crime increases, strict gun control laws make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase guns.
“And on top of that, its almost impossible, especially in Los Angeles, to get a gun,” he said. “They almost make it impossible for regular people to get gun, when criminal can get any gun they want, including automatic weapons.”
Lanzoni made some similar points during an appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight last month.

He told Carlson that of his friends, he knew 14 who had been burglarized or robbed.
Lanzoni said that the Golden State has changed a lot — for the worse — during the last 14 years he has lived there.
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