Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nevada: Anti-Gun Bills Fail to Pass Second Chamber Policy Committee Deadline

Today, May 19, was the second chamber policy committee deadline.  Two anti-gun bills, Senate Bill 115 and Senate Bill 387, both failed to pass out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and are now dead for the 2017 legislative session.  Thanks to your phone calls and emails, these anti-gun measures failed to advance through the legislature.  Your NRA-ILA will remain vigilant and protect your Second Amendment rights throughout the rest of the 2017 legislative session, as it is possible for these issues to resurface.
SB 115, sponsored by state Senator Moises Denis (D-2), would expand the list of places firearms are prohibited from being carried and kept to include public library property.  In addition to banning firearms within the library, this prohibition would be extended to include the parking lot as well.  This would encompass the onsite “book drop” stations commonly used for returning library materials. 
SB 387, sponsored by Senator Julia Ratti (D-13), would allow for ex parte orders to remove your Second Amendment rights - not because of a criminal conviction or mental adjudication, but based on third party allegations.  This order lacks due process as firearms are required to be surrendered weeks before a hearing may take place.  Further, this bill, unlike the current "Legal 2000 process," would do nothing to address those in need of mental health treatment or evaluation.  

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