Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Will a Sex Pervert Become the Next President of the United States, or Can Trump Prevail?

Trump and Clinton
By Dr. Paul Revere 

“Those who are kind to the cruel, in the end will be cruel to the kind.”  —Kohelet Rabbah 7:16

What Little Girls Deserve
Democrats have been known to praise Hillary for her skill at finding ways to get her clients off.  In a now-infamous rape case, from 1975, Hillary received many kind words from her Democrat colleagues, because of her success in letting a man who had raped a twelve-year-old girl walk free, after finding a legal loop-hole to help him.  She laughed about the case when sitting for an interview with an Arkansas journalist.
From early on, Hillary learned that she could be cruel to young girls, when it comes to the exercise of power over them in sex-related situations.  And her colleagues would always justify her abuse of others as being “good” legal work.  But is it really ethical to allow a known rapist to walk free?  Even in the world of law, it is considered unethical for an attorney to defend a client he or she knows to be guilty.  Hillary knew without a doubt her client was guilty, yet Hillary questioned the victim’s honesty, suggesting the girl had made false accusations in the past and accusing her of fantasizing about older men, implying that she deserved what she got!

What else does Hillary think that minor girls deserve?  In a recent probe by the New York Police Department, proof has been uncovered that Hillary Clinton thinks that sexual cruelty at her own hands is what they deserve.  The next child rapist that Hillary should be defending is herself.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice, however, are so corrupt that Clinton will probably not be prosecuted for her more recent sins.  These sins, according to Ex-Navy SEAL Erik Prince, are more egregious than most people can fathom.
Prince reported to Breitbart News Daily, on SiriusXM, that, due to his “well-placed sources” in the New York Police Department, he had learned that the NYPD was planning to execute warrants in the Weinergate investigation, but had received “huge pushback” from the Obama Justice Department, because the information on Hillary Clinton that they had uncovered to justify the issuing of warrants included—but is not limited to—sex crimes with children.

The NYPD Connects the Dots to Anthony Weiner 

To quote Prince: “So NYPD first gets that computer [belonging to Anthony Weiner].  They see how disgusting it is.  They keep a copy of everything, and they pass a copy on to the FBI, which finally pushes the FBI off their chairs, making Comey reopen that investigation, which was indicated in the letter last week.  The point being, NYPD has all the information, and they will pursue justice within their rights if the FBI doesn’t. . . .  There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs. . . .  So the plot thickens.  NYPD was pushing because, as an article quoted one of the chiefs—that’s the level just below commissioner—he said as a parent, as a father with daughters, he could not let that level of evil continue.

To quote the NYPD Police Chief, “What’s in the emails is staggering and, as a father, it turned my stomach.  There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found.  We have copies of everything.  We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that. . . .  People are going to prison.’”
So, what we know is this: Hillary Clinton accompanied convicted pedophile and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his private 727 aircraft on at least six occasions to his private island in the US Virgin Islands, known as Sex Slave Island or, alternately, Orgy Island.  This is the place where Epstein acts as the pimp for minor girls and boys, selling their bodies to international VIPs.  Hillary Clinton was hosted by Epstein on at least six different occasions, according to preliminary findings, and there may be many more instances the NYPD have not yet had time to tabulate.  Epstein also played host to Bill Clinton at least 20 times.

Steve Pieczenik — a Harvard-trained psychiatrist with a doctorate in international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker—who has maintained close ties to many government actors, has posted a video online, entitled “STEVE PIECZENIK: The Clinton (both Hillary & Bill) Pedophilia Connection”.

No Justice for Hillary: The Rigged Election
Since the Obama Administration is wicked to the core and, like Hillary Clinton, has no love of minor children, an evil result is almost assured.  The pedophilia case will be dropped in the end, or President Obama will pardon Clinton for “all crimes she may have committed” in the style of Gerald Ford’s presidential pardon for Richard Nixon.  The only hope that there will be any justice for Hillary will be on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, at the polls.  In a fair election, Trump should win the contest.  He has the wind at his back and is drawing larger crowds than ever, as his poll numbers continue to surpass Hillary’s in swing-state after swing-state.  Hillary’s crowds are small by comparison.  At least 20% of Democrat voters are voting for Trump, and many more are staying home.

The problem is that President Obama is openly calling on illegal aliens to come out and vote for Hillary.  This is voter fraud, but Obama has also intimated that acts of voter fraud will not be prosecuted this election, thus making it relatively safe for those who wish to vote for Hillary outside the law!  Obama is also busing illegal voters from Hillary states into those leaning towards Trump.
Obama has also announced that the federal government fears the Russians may try to hack the election in order to change the results.  This means, in reality, that he himself is likely planning to hack the election and is ready to blame it on the Russians.
The president has also been busy granting clemency to felons and releasing them from prison, in order that they vote for Clinton.  Obama is pulling every nasty trick he can think of, in fact.  And the reason it has all become necessary is because the situation on the ground is this: Trump has won the hearts and minds of the American people, and, without these drastic measures, Hillary cannot win.  The word is out regarding her unsavory exploits, and internal polling being done by the White House bears out the fact that, in a fair vote, it is in the cards for her to lose.

So, what you will see, on November 8th, is the corrupt media lying about the exit polling and reporting that Clinton has won in states where she has lost.  The media will do everything they can to demoralize and suppress pro-Trump voter turnout in this way.  And, this time, we cannot even count on FOX News to act as a check on media corruption.  Voting machines that change Trump votes to Hillary votes will help the illegal voters.  And, of course, the federal government might even try its hand at election-hacking.
It is no wonder that Trump and his family are calling on the American people for prayers this Tuesday; for, if Trump is actually able to walk away from this election as the forty-fifth President of the United States, it will be due, in no small part, to the grace of God.
And who knows?  Something might go wrong on the Democrat side, causing their election-hacking to fail.  Or perhaps the states will wise up and order all machines tabulating votes on Tuesday to be disconnected from the Internet, likewise ordering all vote totals to be phoned in, from precinct to county and from county to state. 

Let Us Pray
The fear is that, if the election does go to Hillary, there will never again be free elections in the United States of America.  The globalists will assume permanent control in America, offering only an illusion of freedom from here on out.  So, please do be sure to vote.  Then follow up your voting by praying for America.


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